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Past Projects - 2003

  • Led the development of the Open Space & Recreation Plan. This was our major project in 2003 and it continues into 2004.
    The effort included a townwide survey, three large public meetings to present findings and/or elicit ideas from the community, as well as many working sessions by subcommittees. To all the volunteers, Town employees, and officials who have helped with this project, thank you!
  • Sponsored three public walks:
    - A vernal pool workshop led by biologist Michele Grzenda
    - A nature-oriented scavenger hunt led by A.H.S. teacher Chris Scott
    - An archeological walk led by Dr. Curtiss Hoffman
  • Cleaned and maintained key parts of the trail system, with help from several resident volunteers.
  • Hosted a table at Ashland Day and distributed trail maps
  • Launched this Web site
Archeological Walk in 2003
Archeological walk led by Dr. Curtiss Hoffman
Custom roofs over Town Forest signs
Custom roofs over Town Forest signs

Past Projects - 2002

  • Sponsored well-attended public walks led by Ashland residents:
    - Archeological features along the Bay Circuit Trail
    - Autumn foliage in the Ashland Town Forest
  • Enhanced the Ashland Town Forest signs on Winter Street and Oregon Road by installing custom roofs.
  • Completed a report that inventories land parcels 5 acres or larger, and ranks them according to their suitability as future open space.
  • Assisted Bay Circuit Alliance with State House lobbying efforts to close gaps in Bay Circuit Trail.
  • Formed a Stream Team to survey a Waushakum Pond tributary.
  • Worked to maintain local funding of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) and to raise local awareness of the CPA, via an informational brochure and an Ashland Directions article (10/02).

The committee's Annual Reports from 2002 and 2003 also describe projects.

Past Projects - Prior Years

In prior years, the Ashland Open Space Committee was just as active. The committee